In this blog post I will show you how to play Pot Limit Sviten Special. This is my favourite poker game and the subject of my book, released in May this year. The first section of the book gives instructionsContinue Reading

First there was live poker – check out my last blog post to read about a fun home game. Then along came the Internet and it became possible to sit at tables with people from all over the world. NowContinue Reading

At the weekend I went to a mixed games cash game at my friend’s beautiful apartment in southern Malta. Great environment, good food, lovely views, witty banter and no restrictions on what crazy mixed games we can play. The perfectContinue Reading

This is my mixed games poker blog. I will write about why mixed games are so much fun; where to play, watch, and learn about them. Reflections on my own experiences. Interviews with upcoming players. Maybe some strategy here andContinue Reading