The Pot Limit Sviten Special ebook is a strategy guide for one of the best little-known varieties of poker around. It will take you from the basic concepts to advanced winning strategies.

My name is Martin Smith and I have 20+ years experience of playing poker. I am a long-term profitable poker player with the skills and mind-set to help you become a winning player.

Why you should learn how to play Sviten Special:

Learning a new game will improve your all-round poker game. The skills you will develop with this guide can be transferred to all variants of poker.

Sviten Special is becoming a popular choice among players of all skill levels.

Get ahead of the curve. Be ready for when this game is introduced at your local card room.

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What you will learn:

Improve your understanding of concepts such as developing hand ranges, pot control, value betting and bluff catching. Think through when to employ game theory versus exploitative lines.

With six sections to guide you through the elements of this exciting game, you can start to gain an edge as soon as you start to work through the book.

1 – How The Game is Played

2 – Starting Hands/Preflop Strategy

3 – The Flop and The Draw

4 – Turn and River Play

5 – Worked Hand Examples

6 – Variants

Who is this book for?

The only pre-requisite is a basic understanding of poker and its terminology.

There are two types of poker players who will benefit from this book:
– those striving to be winning players
– those who are looking to have fun at the table.

Where can I buy the Pot Limit Sviten Special ebook?

Pot Limit Sviten Special is available as an ebook on Amazon!

pot limit sviten special ebook

So, if you want to be a winning player from the start, grab the Pot Limit Sviten Special Ebook now!