In this blog post I will show you how to play Pot Limit Sviten Special. This is my favourite poker game and the subject of my book, released in May this year. The first section of the book gives instructionsContinue Reading

After about 3 years of work, this week I finally released my ebook, Pot Limit Sviten Special! This blog post tells you a little about the book. I also tell you about a couple of opportunities to play the gameContinue Reading

In a recent blog post I enthused about a mixed games cash game in Casino Malta that runs every Thursday night. It is a great mix of limit and pot limit games and really enjoyable but recently I had twoContinue Reading

This is my mixed games poker blog. I will write about why mixed games are so much fun; where to play, watch, and learn about them. Reflections on my own experiences. Interviews with upcoming players. Maybe some strategy here andContinue Reading