After about 3 years of work, this week I finally released my ebook, Pot Limit Sviten Special! This blog post tells you a little about the book. I also tell you about a couple of opportunities to play the game against me with a bounty on my head!

What started as me just doing some number crunching to better understand how to play the game started to become something bigger. Eventually I arrived at a finished product I am pretty happy with.

The book is aimed at anyone with an interest in poker. It will be a great introduction for those who have never played Sviten Special. It will also provide useful information for anyone who has played any number of hands of the game.

The five sections of Pot Limit Sviten Special:

  • How the Game is Played
  • Starting Hands / Preflop Strategy
  • The Flop and Draw
  • Turn and River Play
  • Worked Hand Examples
  • Variants

How Sviten Special is Played

The first section sets out the rules of the game. For the absolute beginner or for someone who wants to introduce the game to their casino or home game.

Step by Step Sviten Special Strategy

The next three sections set out strategies for the various stages of a hand. A step by step guide to help you get value from your good hands and dodge the bullets when you are beaten. Some basic common card sense and some pretty advanced stuff. Thinking about hand ranges in this game can be pretty complex but this will help you break that down.

Multiple Choice Questions

To test your knowledge there is then a section where you are taken through six hands I played of Sviten Special on the Pokio app. You get to make a total of 30 decisions with multiple choice answers and you can see how you did at the back of that section. You can also compare your performance to the way I played each of those hands. I didn’t play perfectly, let me tell you!


The last section deals with variants of sviten special. I have seen some pretty wild examples in the home games I play! Extra hole cards, open hole cards, extra boards, wild cards. Here I set out the basic rules and the strategy adjustments to make.

Remember the book is available on Amazon for Kindle!

Sviten Special With Bounty: 21 May 2020

To celebrate the launch of the book I have agreed to take part in a promotion on the Pokio app. In this promotion I play a cash game session with exactly 100 big blinds and no possibility of reloading. If you take the last of my money you get a ticket to the app’s Springfest tournament worth 50 euros! The event in question will take place Friday 29 May.

Promotional image advertising poker tournaments
Win a ticket for Pokio’s Springfest tournament on Friday 29 May

To join the bounty table you need to be a player on the Pokio app and a member of a club in the Nordic circle. I have a club, ID: 100027 which you can join if you are not already in a club in that circle. If you do join, write to me at and I will get back to you with details of some other promotions.

In the lobby this evening just before the game is about to start at 2100 CET a table will appear that will be called something like “Martin Bounty.” The game will be called Drawmaha – this is the name given to Sviten Special on the app. And the stakes will be 25c/50c.

Second Chance: 26 May 2020

If you miss the chance to bust me tonight, there is another opportunity on Tuesday 26 May!

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