This blog post describes the games I tend to play and the sites I play on. I do this using the example of one night of my online mixed games poker grind.

Setting Up

This was 30 April 2020 and I played the session in my home office in Gozo, Malta. At 17:45 I fired up my Lenovo laptop and loaded the lobby screens for SwC Poker, Poker Stars and, using an emulator, Pokio. I also loaded the lobby of Fenixpoker on my Sony VAIO.

Next I noted down the balance on each site so I can make a tally of my overall win or loss at the end of the evening.

Starting Games

On Fenixpoker I sat at a .10/.25 (euro) pot limit omaha hilo table. It is a very new site with low traffic and I sat alone for some time. I also registered for the 9+1 PLO tournament but that wasn’t due to start until 22:00.

Pokio had 27 tables open, split between PLO, 5 card PLO, Open Faced Chinese and NLHE. I prefer to play Sviten Special (drawmaha on the app) so I sat at an empty .25/,50 table with an auto 1 euro straddle.

On SwC I also sat at an empty table. This was Pineapple Open Faced 2-7 Chinese. The stakes were 25 chips per point. One million chips is one bitcoin, so with BTC running at around €8k, 25 chips is about 20c. It might sound low but this game is very swingy and it is not unusual for a player to lose their 100 point limit in a round.

Finally, on PokerStars I found a tournament to play. Once the new software version had loaded I entered an $11 buyin 5 card PLO Hi/Low tournament with Progressive KO bounties.

All four sites offer a good selection of online mixed games poker.

Finding Action

With all these empty tables, it is useful to have ways to get players to join.

On Messenger I used a chat group with people who play Sviten Special on Pokio to invite guys to join me. Two arrived pretty quickly, so that game started.

In SwC there is a function whereby you can invite action by typing “/action” into the chat box. This didn’t bring anyone immediately.

The Tournament – Some Highlights

Before I played any hand I folded my big blind to a single raise preflop and found I dodged a bullet. I would have flopped the nut straight with redraws to a higher straight and the third nut flush. Three opponents got their stacks in on the flop. I would have busted!

Image of a poker hand played online
This hand was folded preflop. The other three players went all in on the flop after a single preflop raise

One orbit later I called a button raise in the big blind and went to the flop heads up. After getting stacks in on the flop I doubled up:

Image of a poker hand played online
All in on the flop with over 99% equity. Nice!

Close to the bubble this hand happened:

Image of a poker hand played online
Preflop I min raised and the villain 3bet full pot. I called and we got stacks in on the flop.

After the bubble burst I did well for a while. One hand I don’t have a screenshot from won me 3/4 of a big pot. I min-raised preflop and next to act the loose aggressive villain potted and I was the only caller. I flopped the nut low and nut flush draw and decided to check/call, which I also did on the turn. The river completed my flush and I decided he might check behind some A2xxx hands so I led – and he shoved! He had the bare nut low, not even a pair for high.

After losing two coinflips I ended up busting in 14th as a short stack. Fun tournament and I made a small profit.

Online Mixed Games Cash Action

That first sviten table on Pokio didn’t last long and there were no significant hands for me. We were never more than four handed.

On SwC, the 2-7 OFC table started when someone joined me at about 18:15. Five minutes later I repeated Fantasy Land twice including this hand where I broke up a straight flush:

Hand of 2-7 Open Faced Chinese Poker played online

My opponent had gone into a lead in this round when he found KKK as his top hand but I eventually managed to turn the round in my favour with a lot of help from this hand. Heads up, a round is two hands, because we get the button once each. But when someone is in Fantasy Land the button does not move so there is an extra hand. The image shows this hand was number 9! A third player had joined the table earlier and got fed up of waiting and left.

One of the things about 2-7 OFC is that it is possible to foul in Fantasy Land. For example here, where I cannot make a qualifying low hand for the middle. This was the very next hand after the one above. A qualifying low is five cards ten or lower and not straights or flushes allowed:

Hand of 2-7 Open Faced Chinese Poker played online
Some players find fouling in Fantasy Land a tilting aspect of this game but I love the game warts an’ all!

Eventually I left the 2-7 OFC table 2500 points to the good – about 20 euros.

I then went to play some 5 card Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Low on SwC. This game was manic and I lost a couple of 2k buy-ins. This included the following hand that was four-bet preflop and then all in on the flop:

Replay of a poker hand played on the SwC site

The PLO8 game on Fenix was very slow to start. One person bought in with 10 euros at about 19:50 but his money only lasted about 6 hands when he got all in with a bare flush draw against my two pair and made low. About 15 minutes later the game started in earnest and we ended up 6 handed. It went well for me for a whiile. When I left the table I was break even having just been quartered in a big pot.

Break Time

After I busted the tournament at about 20:30 I went for a break. I walked my dogs, made a cup of tea, microwaved some popcorn and went back to my desk for more mixed games poker.

Two cute shih tzu dogs in the sunshine
Breaktime. Time to walk the dogs

Back in The Online Mixed Games

At about 21:00 I was back and fired up the following games:

  • On Pokio, some Pineapple Open Faced Chinese at 25c/point. The standard version, not 2-7.
  • PokerStars: I entered SCOOP 03-L, which was $22 Pot Limit Omaha. Most players would be using a Heads Up Display so I expected not to be a favourite in this field.
  • I went back to the 10/20 Pot Limit 5 Card Pot Limit Omaha Hilo table on SwC.
  • The Pot Limit Omaha tournament on Fenix was due to start at 22:00
Playing Pineapple Open Faced Chinese Poker on a mobile app
Pineapple Open Faced Chinese Poker on the Pokio app. Here the blogger is in Fantasy Land and will see his cards once the others have placed all theirs.

Cash Game Action

The OFC game on Pokio was pretty good for me. We played with a full table most of the time (3 handed) and I ended up coming off +45 euros after about an hour. The tournament had started on Fenix and I felt my concentration started to dilute somewhat. There is a limit to the number of different games even this mixed games poker nut can cope with at once!

After a while I left the SwC 5 Card Omaha Hilo game down a few chips. I then jumped into a 50 chips / point game of 2-7 OFC. We were only heads up and I won a nice amount. I left the table when my opponent started to complain about how well I run!

After leaving the OFC table on Pokio I joined a .10/.20 Sviten game. Although this is lower stakes than the game I played earlier the average pot size was much bigger. Players tend to buy in deeper, there is plenty of preflop action and a higher % of players tend to see the flop. The table was also full during most of the session. Sadly I don’t have any screenshots but I left that game up over 100 euros.

SCOOP Tournament

This was the first day of this year’s Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars. When I joined the tournament had been in progress about an hour already.

It was not exactly a successful start to this year’s SCOOP for me. The first hand I played was all in preflop and I came out on the wrong end of a hand where we both had aces.

A hand of poker played online

The next hand I played was my bustout hand: AAxx v KKxx and he caught a set on the flop. I have a policy of not re entering tournaments so that was that for me!

Fenix Tournament

On Fenixpoker there is a nightly €9 + 1 Pot Limit Omaha tournament with rebuys and an add-on. It attracted only 13 players and the field was pretty soft. This tournament was loads of fun and I managed to take it down for €86.

Soon I will write a blog post where I will post some screenshots from Fenixpoker and give a better idea of the feel of the site. I have been made an affiliate on the site, I am always keen to encourage sites to offer online mixed games. If you wish to find out more please contact me at

The Overall Result

Once all the games were done I worked out my profit for the night. After converting the relevant balances from dollars and bitcoin to euros I found I was up €202. A decent night’s grind and all the games I played were loads of fun. Time well spent!

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