Mixed Games Poker: Wild Wild West

I have written (here and here) in the past about a mixed games poker home game that I love to play. At times we come up with some crazy variants all of our own design. One of my poker buddies in Malta invented a poker variant: Wild Wild West.

I thought I would let you know what this game is all about.

Image of the Wild West

On Betting Amounts

Regular readers of my blog will know that I don’t write about the amounts we play for in these games. None of us is going to lose the house, but we play for more than a price of a cup of coffee. The levels keep it fun and at the same time we play too high for anyone to just throw their money in the pot indiscriminately.

Let’s imagine we play in a nation called Maltavia, and the currency is Maltavian Dollars. The regular blinds in this game are 1/1 Maltavian dollars whan they play pot or no limit games.

This game was invented at the very end of a session. Whisky had been consumed. The degen who invented this game decided everyone would ante 12 Maltavian dollars. Somewhat bigger than the normal betting limits!

A selection of whisky bottles
Whisky… the Water of Life, and the creative juice behind Wild Wild West!

At least there was a cap on the betting. 120 Maltavian dollars. The catch was, however, that each player has only two options: fold or cap!

Once the preflop betting round was completed there was no further betting. All players flipped their hole cards over.

On the Game Structure

The game is short deck Omaha. All the cards from 2 – 5 were removed from the deck.

Once the preflop betting round is completed, each player who has paid their 120 Maltavian dollars flips their cards over. The dealer burns a card and deals out five community cards.

At showdown the best five card hand using two from the player’s hand and three from the board was declared the winner.

As with the more standard short deck variant, a flush beats a full house. A6789 is the lowest possible straight. Everything else was normal in terms of hand rankings.

How it Played

This was the last game we played after several hours of mixed games poker. I had booked a decent win that would be wiped out if I paid 120 Maltavian dollars every hand for a full orbit, so I just posted my ante and folded every hand. Yes I’m a nit! The first few hands ended up with two or three players investing in the pot but the last two had every player except me punting their money away! And the guy who invented the game scooped both the pots…

It was a wild, fun experience but it hasn’t been repeated again yet in the game. Maybe after the lockdown is over enough hard liquor will be knocked back for the game to make another appearance!

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