First there was live poker – check out my last blog post to read about a fun home game. Then along came the Internet and it became possible to sit at tables with people from all over the world. Now we can use hand held devices to play on mobile poker apps.

The mobile poker app I use is called Pokio. This is the only regulated real money social poker app. This app offers a few cool poker variants including my absolute favourite poker game, sviten special – known on the app as drawmaha. The other games are pot limit omaha (4 or 5 cards both available), pineapple open face Chinese and of course Texas hold em.

hold em poker t-shirt
No Limit Hold Em is one of the games available on Pokio – click the photo to buy the t-shirt!

Social Poker – Pokio Clubs

Individuals have to join a club in order to access games that they play with other club members. The software has a great feel to it and players can greet newcomers to the table with a clink of a beer glass. Then they can throw a tomato at them when they inflict a bad beat! Or pour a bucket of ice water over someone who is on a heater…

mobile poker app screenshot
Some of the objects that can be thrown at opponents on Pokio

I am a member of three clubs on Pokio:

  • Bugibba Homegame club, number 100027
  • We Like Trains, 100808
  • Malta Poker Club, 100810

Club Rewards Promotion

If you download Pokio and join any or all of these clubs I can offer you 15% club rake rewards. This will increase by a further 5% for every 250 cash game hands you play on these clubs. The maximum reward available is 30%. The Bugibba Homegame club is my own and I have struck a deal with the owners of the other two clubs. Other promotions run by Pokio include tickets for live events. Last weekend I played a freeroll tournament that offered three packages for the Dublin Poker Festival but sadly didn’t get in the prizes. I’m not much of a hold ’em player to be honest!

Right now there is also a promotion running for new players. Between now and 16th February 2020 any new player will be able to play in a €500 freeroll on the Sunday following the day they join Pokio.

If you want to take advantage of the 15 to 30% offer, first download Pokio. Use the app store or Next join some or all of these clubs – find them using the club numbers. Finally, write to me at I will need your screen name and the user ID that Pokio allocated to you. You will receive club rewards every Wednesday as long as you have verified your identity with Pokio. Rewards owed will be held for you until you complete identity verification.

Recreational Player Protection

One aspect of Pokio that appeals to recreational players is the inabilty of regs / pros to benefit from heads up displays that they can use in the poker laboratory to dominate games. There is a limited amount of information available and it is equally available to everyone:

  • Number of hands played
  • Voluntary put money in pot %
  • Preflop raise %
  • Win rate %

Indeed, some tables are set to “data protection,” which in this context means this information is all blanked out!

Sviten Special

The first thing that attracted me to Pokio was the availability of sviten special. The game runs most days at the 25c/50c level, sometimes with a standard €1 straddle. What I love about the game is the fact it is easy to find a reason to play a hand. It is a combination of five card pot limit omaha and five card draw. Players get a chance to change cards before the turn card is dealt. If a player takes only one card they are offered it open. They can elect to accept it or decline it and receive a second card face down. It is a game that really generates plenty of action!

sviten special poker t-shirt
Sviten action available on Pokio

Lower and higher stake sviten games are also available but don’t run too often.

Hold ‘Em and Omaha Action

Every day there is plenty of no limit texas hold em and 4 and 5 card pot limit omaha action available. Stakes that usually run are 10c/20c, 25c/50c, 50c/€1 and €1/€2. Sometimes automatic straddles are in place on these tables, always the amount is double the big blind.

From what I have seen the biggest action that runs is 5 card pot limit omaha. It is not unusual to see several stacks of several hundred big blinds on these tables!

pot limit omaha poker t-shirt
Pot Limit Omaha, both 4 and 5 cards, available on Pokio

Pineapple Open Face Chinese

This is another one of the games available on Pokio and it is one that I love to play. Most days this game runs at 10c and 25c per point. It is also available at 2c, 5c, 50c, €1 and €2.50 per point.

OFC screenshot from mobile poker app
Your blogger playing OFC on Pokio

Famous Players

Both Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies regularly use this mobile poker app. They can be seen on the higher buy in 5 card pot limit omaha tables. Strap in and enjoy the swings!

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