Crazy Mixed Games Poker Home Game!

At the weekend I went to a mixed games cash game at my friend’s beautiful apartment in southern Malta. Great environment, good food, lovely views, witty banter and no restrictions on what crazy mixed games we can play. The perfect poker experience!

In my first blog I enthused about mixed games poker, and home games are really the best place to experiment with different variants. In our games seat 1 picks the first game and we play a full orbit plus one hand of that game and then seat 2 picks the next game, and so on.

The Games

The mixed games poker games we played were:

  • Pot limit superstud (chosen 3 times)
  • Pot limit sviten special (5)
  • Limit 2-7 triple draw lowball
  • Pot limit 5 card omaha
  • Pot limit razz
  • No limit 5 card omaha hilo 8 or better
  • Pot limit 4 card drawdugi
  • PL 2-7 sviten special
  • PL 6 card omaha with 2 boards
  • Limit badugi
  • No limit hold em with 2 boards and always bomb pots
  • Limit 7 card stud hilo 8 or better
  • Pot limit sviten special with 9s wild
  • PL sviten special with 6 cards and one open
  • PL 6 card omaha hilo 8 or better with 2 boards
  • Limit 7 card stud where the second lowest open card on 3rd street is wild
  • Pot limit 6 card sviten special with 6 cards and one open, deuces wild
  • Pot limit 6 card sviten special with 6 cards and one open, deuces wild and two boards.
Poker player wearing mixed games t-shirt at the table, pile of chips in front of him
Me in my mixed games t-shirt from Bad Beat Clothing, my stack starting to grow! Click on the image to buy the t-shirt!

Pot Limit Superstud

Action was pretty hectic from the start, with 3 players having to reload their 200 big blind buy in during the first orbit of pot limit superstud.

Superstud is a game I first played in Napoleon’s Casino in Sheffield, England, in a dealer’s choice game I used to frequent over there: in fact this is where I first played mixed games and discovered my passion for them. In superstud, players receive five cards and have to discard two and turn one over. The play then proceeds as seven card stud hilo. As we play pot limit, the first round of betting starts with the two players to the left of the dealer posting blinds and continues to the left from there. From fourth street onwards the highest hand showing starts the betting.

I lost my stack in that first round when I started with buried aces and then picked up trips on 3rd street. Because my friend who started the hand with trip 2s made a full house on 5th street, and quads on 6th. Thankfully the evening improved from there on!

Sviten Special

Sviten special was the most popular game and is certainly my favourite. The game is described here. One point – we always use the “one card open” rule described at the end of this page. I love the game, both the basic game and the crazy variants with extra cards and wild cards we come up with late in the wee small hours. But two boards is not my favourite!

The biggest pot I won was in a hand of sviten special. I started the hand with a weak two pair, 7722x (x is an irrelevant card that I discarded) and called a raise in the big blind. The flop was 766 and I decided to lead the betting because my full house was almost certainly ahead but if I let multiple players continue I could find myself losing both halves of the pot. Two people called, including the initial raiser. When I discarded I was offered a 2, which I gratefully accepted. The second player discarded two cards and the initial raiser just one, rejecting the first card offered. The turn was a 3 and I got all in heads up with the preflop raiser. It was a terrible cooler for him as he held 44463 for trips in his draw hand and a losing full house on the board.

I won’t describe all of the games here, hopefully they will feature in future blogs. Feel free to add a question in the comments if you want to know more about any of the games.

The Players and the Refreshments

We were eight players in total, and such is the cosmopolitan demographic of Maltese gaming society we were from eight different countries. Everyone had plenty of fun, win or lose. Along the way our generous host provided ample food and drink, including a very tasty lamb stew that he served when we stopped for a meal break.

And at just after 4am…

The game ended with a few winners, one winning over 1,300 big blinds, and a few losers but nobody lost their rent money. My result was a healthy plus of about 350 big blinds.

Can’t wait for the next home game of mixed games poker!

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