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This is my mixed games poker blog. I will write about why mixed games are so much fun; where to play, watch, and learn about them. Reflections on my own experiences. Interviews with upcoming players. Maybe some strategy here and there. Absolutely no whingeing about bad beats!

When I started playing poker I played only Texas Hold Em. Gradually I learned other variants and found them more enjoyable. Poker has been good to me over the years: I have been playing since 1998 and never had a losing year! Well, apart from the first year of course…

This was me for a lot of my early poker years:

poker chips on a felt covered table overlaid with the name poker4leisure

These days I rarely look down at a hand containing only two cards. Why? That game is now all about science and rarely played in a sociable, fun environment. Poker will struggle to attract new players if the focus continues to be on Texas Hold Em: I expect the player pool will gradually shrink as recreational players see they are losing money to people who won’t engage and have fun with them: as recreational players leave, the lower level winners move on and so on.

If you wander into your local casino and see just one table where the players are chatting to each other and generally having fun, chances are that’s the mixed games table. Elsewhere the Texas Hold Em players are busy taking 30 seconds to fold 84 offsuit after staring at their opponent through the gap in the front of their hoodie.

This blog will be all about exploring that wonderful world of mixed games and showing why it is the fun place to be when you play poker: and just why this is what my poker scene looks like these days:

poker table with cards, chips and plaques displaying various names of poker games

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